Bundesbehindertenfanarbeitsgemeinschaft e.V. (BBAG) recently held their annual meeting in Leipzig, Germany.

BBAG is the national disabled supporters group in Germany, and has been working to improve access and inclusion in Germany since being founded in 1999.

At the meeting, the new BBAG Committee was elected with Alexander Friebel of Bielefeld named as the new Chair. Volker Sieger will remain as BBAG Vice-Chair, and Alexandra Lüddecke of Bremen was announced as the new Deputy Vice-Chair.

Ralf Bockstedte and Oliver Stapf will continue as BBAG Treasurer and Secretary respectively.

Outgoing Chairman Jochen Dohm, who had been a member of the BBAG Board for 8 years, received a rousing round of applause for his commitment to the group.

The Deutsche Fußball Liga's (DFL) Arne Stratman also joined the meeting to present a first insight into "DFL-Empfehlungen zur Barrierefreiheit" - the DFL's recommendations for accessibility. This guidance document has been co-authored in partnership with BBAG, and Volker Sieger joined Arne in presenting it at the meeting.

BBAG members also discussed the future structure of the group, including evidence from regional committees and financial matters. BBAG would also like to extend a big thank you to RP Leipzig for hosting and helping to organise the event.

A version of this article is also available in Russian, German and Polish.

Publishe 23/08/2016