Wheelchair loan service introduced in Lille


Wheelchair loan service introduced in Lille

UEFA EURO 2016 has introduced a wheelchair loan service for disabled fans attending matches in Lille.


Disabled fans, as well as pregnant women and elderly people, will be able to enjoy this inclusive service.


Volunteers will be on hand to offer the service and to assist any fans wishing to use the dedicated service, which will enable fans with limited mobility from the car park, drop-off point and stadium concourses to enter the stadium.


The next match in Lille is a Quarter Final match between Belgium and Wales. If you are attending the match, please do send us feedback and disabled fans comments, along with any photos, to info@cafefootball.eu, tweet @cafefootball, on Facebook, or by calling +44 (0)20 8621 2405.


For further information, please see the CAFE disabled fans guide to UEFA EURO 2016 here.


You can also review comments and feedback from other disabled fans who have visited Lille and other European stadiums by visiting the CAFE stadium pages at http://www.cafefootball.eu/en/clubs/lille-osc.