Student Study on Access to Air Travel


A student at Leeds University's Institute for Transport Studies ( masters course 'Transport Planning' is going to write a dissertation about one of the European Disability Forum's top campaign subjects - Disabled Air passenger's Rights.


To complete his disseration, he is looking forward to collect the personal experiences of disabled or reduced mobility travellers around Europe. In particular, the impacts of an EU-regulation (1107/2006/EC), concerning passenger rights of disabled or reduced mobility persons are going to be examined. Therefore, rather recent experiences from 26th July 2008 onwards are very important.


As an experimental survey method, a blog is used, where former disabled and reduced mobility passengers or their travel companions are invited to share their expreiences in comments. The address of the blog is:


However, if anyone would not feel comfortable writing to a blog (even anonymously), there is an e-survey with the same questions, which you can download from:

Anyone can answer the questions who is disabled/reduced mobility and travelled by air to/from an EU destination since 26th July 2006 (when the regulation entered into force).


With Kind Regards,

Péter Kalóczkai