May 21-22, Conference Sektor 3.0 New technologies for non govermental organisations


sektor 3.0 New technologies conference

The Conference consisted of non govermental organizations and took place at the Center of Science Kopernik in Warsaw. The main aim was to present new technologies and encourage NGO's to use them in a more innovative way.


The event was organized under the framework of the Polish-American Foundation of Freedom ‘New technologies locally’. The program was delivered by the Foundation of Development of Informative Society.


The first day of the conference featured a series of lectures and seminar sessions. Among the speakers were Michal Boni Minister of Administration and Digitization, Stephen Mull Ambassador of USA in Poland and Kuba Wygnański The Unit for Social Innovation and Research – Shipyard.


During the seminar sessions participants had a chance to choose from the list of lectures, for example; ‘Builiding virtual teams’ with Ian Cliffors, Independent Consultant UK and ‘New technologies in fundraising’ with Till Benhke, Foundation Ashoka, Germany.


The first day of the conference ended with an award ceremony. The award was presented to the organization ‘Widzialni’ from Częstochowa, for using new technologies.


During the second day of the conference participants will have a chance to take part in workshops referring to ‘Innovation in practice’. The organisers of the workshops were Orange Polska, Shipyard and the Foundation of Development of Informative Society.


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