London Kids "sing our own song"


Please check out this video that Arsenal in the Community and British young people have produced. The video features Blak Twang and Rian Peters and a whole host of of coaches – all of whom donated their services at no cost.


The song is due to be released on iTunes in April, and ALL the proceeds made from it will go towards projects that deal with combating knife crime.

We are trying get as many views of the video on YouTube as possible before it’s release date, so forward this to as many people as you can to help us raise awareness of the wonderful work London’s young people are doing to help make a better future for all of us.


London Kids "sing our own song”:


Also, a short message from Freddie Hudson, Manager at Arsenal in The Community:


'Dear All,


We need a little help please for this project - please see below:

Guns and knives are killing and injuring young people on our streets, ruining lives and destroying our communities. But the majority of young people aren't in gangs, would never carry a knife and won't commit a crime if they're just given a chance. 

Support Arsenal in the Community's 'London Kids'. Check out what they've got to say on their tune "Sing Our Own Song' and please take the time to leave a quick message and pass onto your contact list/face book/twitter etc. 

Be positively inspired and show your support for young people trying to avoid a life of crime. Download 'Sing Our Own Song" available from itunes 11th April 2011. 


Many thanks, 

Freddie Hudson.'