KNPD files judicial protest against Maltese FA


KNPD files judicial protest against Maltese FA


The national disability commission in Malta, Kummissjoni Nazzjonali Persuni b'Diżabilità (KNPD), has filed a judicial protest against the Maltese Football Association for failing to provide adequate access to the country’s national stadium.


KNPD had received numerous complaints about the lack of accessible facilities at the Ta’ Qali stadium, and in particular the Enclosure side of the ground.


A KNPD press release read, “KNPD acknowledges the fact that the stadium’s Millennium Stand is fully accessible, however, it is hardly ever opened for the local top flight games. In fact, given the attendance for local games, the older Enclosure Side is used to host both sets of supporters as well as the VIP stand. This part of the stadium is older than the Millennium Stand and its entrance, stands and facilities are not accessible for persons with limited mobility.


“After taking into consideration MFA’s non-compliance with legal obligations in the light of the aforementioned legal and regulatory instruments, KNPD has set a seven day deadline by when it is expecting MFA to explain its position and further explain how it intends to make the Enclosure Side fully accessible within a reasonable time-frame.”


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