A huge thank you to Translators without Borders


A huge thank you to Translators without Borders

The Centre for Access to Football in Europe (CAFE) is a European-wide charity that works to improve the matchday experience of disabled football fans across the continent.


We can do this in a number of ways, including promoting improved accessible facilities and services at stadiums, and providing disability awareness and etiquette training for stadium staff.


It is absolutely critical to our works that we can engage with disabled fans and other key stakeholders across Europe, in a language that they understand. As a small team, we can’t speak every language so we rely massively on Translators without Borders to help us to communicate.


One of our biggest resources is our website, which is available in ten different languages. We have almost 500 stadium pages from 54 countries in each language version, totalling close to 5,000 pages on the website. Each stadium page gives fans the opportunity to HAVE YOUR SAY on access and their experience, and share discussion with other fans that have attended the stadium or plan to. Fans can upload their comments in any language.


In an ideal world, we would be able to have members of the CAFE team in each European country but that just is not possible. We need to be able to communicate and share their stories, and that is why Translators without Borders is such an invaluable asset to us.


Since we joined the service in September 2013, we have received over $40,000 worth of voluntary translations. This has allowed us to reinvest so much more into improving the matchday experience of disabled fans, with a number of huge success stories.


As we continue to grow, our support from Translators without Border remains an integral tool that is so helpful in everything we do. We would like to say a huge thank you to Translators without Borders, the Project Managers and of course the volunteer translators who have helped us so much.


The Translators without Borders service has helped us to spread the message of ‘Total Football, Total Access’. Together we can help to improve the lives of many disabled people around Europe through football and its fans.


For more information about CAFE, visit www.cafefootball.eu, e-mail us at info@cafefootball.eu or join us on Twitter @cafefootball.