FC Metalist invites disabled fans from Europe to Kharkiv


DSA metalist

On the 30th of July, FC Metalist played in the UEFA Champions League match against PAOK. FC Metalist disabled fans travelled from Kharkiv to Greece not only to support their favourite team, but also to meet local PAOK disabled fans.


The meeting was very productive and Kharkiv supporters are expecting PAOK disabled fans to come to Kharkiv on the 7th of August. Football club Metalist ensures they are ready to accommodate the PAOK fans.


FC Metalist and their disabled supporters association MetalHearts have recently initiated an international project – Always Together. As part of this project disabled supporters from all over Europe will be able to come to Kharkiv and enjoy watching FC Metalist play against their opposing teams.


CAFE also would like to ask football clubs in Ukraine and throughout Europe to join this initiative, to spread the joy of football and encourage disabled supporters to come to live matches. 


Photo taken from metalist.ua


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