Fare Football People events grants launched



Fare has launched its annual Football People initiative, and are inviting applications for Event Grants to tackle discrimination and increase social inclusion.


Every now and then we all have ideas to change the world. If your idea involves football and could come together this October,  Fare wants to hear it.


You could get an Event Grant of up to €3000 to make it happen.


The type of ideas Fare are looking to fund will be things that can create change at a national or international level. They might be film festivals, conferences, exchange trips, trainings, lobbying events in parliament, development of websites, materials, research launches. But do not be restricted by this list – the more innovative the better.


If you think you can make a splash, Fare are interested in hearing about it.


Do not forget that Fare wants to focus on ideas that tackle discrimination and increase social inclusion. Their target areas are refugees, the empowerment of ethnic minorities and women, tackling nationalism and LGBT rights. You might want to have one target group or you might have more, its up to you.


Interested? Send a brief email to ideas@farenet.org with your proposal and a little information about you. Fare promise to respond promptly.


If you want to know more details, you will need to read these guidelines before making an application.


Deadline is 1st August. Do not wait around too long.


For more information, please visit http://www.farenet.org/news/event-grants-2016-good-ideas-welcome/.