FARE announce Action Weeks


Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) has this week revealed that their Action Weeks will take place from 16-31 October 2012.


The Action Weeks aim to increase public awareness of the discrimination in football; create a united front by bringing together everyone in football; and develop ideas and new practices that challenge exclusion. A key part of the activities are the events that further social inclusion by bringing people of different communities together through sport.


All 32 teams of the UEFA Champions League participate in the campaign, reaching more than 600,000 fans directly at the matches and millions more via live broadcasts through television. The number of participating professional leagues has increased to 14.


To help organise grassroots events, FARE is able to offer small grants for activities that take place during the Action Weeks period. The activities FARE are able to support include the production of campaigning materials (banners, flyers, fanzines, posters, t-shirts, stickers), the production of fan choreographies and flags, the organisation of stadium actions and community days and football- related intercultural events such as special matches, debates or tournaments.


For more information on the FARE Action Weeks, and to find out how you can apply for a grant, please visit http://farenet.org/default.asp?intPageID=7&intArticleID=2883.