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To finally reward football supporters who develop positive initiatives in or around stadiums…
Nominations may be submitted from today, to the following address:
There’s a prize of €6,000 up for grabs!

Created in 2005 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Heysel Tragedy, the European Football Supporters Award is very proud to publicize its seventh edition this year. With the help and support of UEFA and its President, Mr Michel Platini, the aim of our award is to change mentalities in and around all football stadiums by promoting a friendly atmosphere. Each year, we grant an award to the most deserving football club or association that has demonstrated exemplary action by trying to instil a positive spirit around any football game – anywhere in Europe.


The 2010 edition of the award comes, as always, with a prize of €6,000 in cash and applications can be submitted up until 31 October 2011.


The aim of the organizers is to celebrate football, and to do this, they know they need to focus on the true values of sport: respect for the opponent and his moral and physical integrity, respect for the referee, his role and his decisions, loyalty to one’s favourite team, the acceptance of defeat, and fair play in the broadest sense.


The award’s originality lies in the fact that it rewards the fans. After all, the “12th man” has become a key aspect of the modern game. Often given a bad press, they form an integral part of the entertainment and contribute to the beauty of the sport.


“EFSA is the togetherness between supporters. Down through the years, it has shown itself to be a big uniting movement. Its mission in the world of sport is a mighty lever for development, integration and social progress.” (Laurent Girard, Media-Pitchounes, EFSA winner 2009).


The submission of applications

Download registration form here: Registrationform_European_Supporters_Award_2011.doc

Applications must be received by 31 October 2011:
By E-mail:


By letter:
European Football Supporters Award
5, avenue du Col-Vert
B-1170 Brussels


The text should, if possible, be no more than twenty lines long and should clearly explain the action taken by the nominated group in line with the criteria listed below, or the exemplary gesture of fair play made by a group on an individual basis.

Further details concerning the location, date or circumstances of the application are obviously essential, together with details of the group or candidate (e-mail and telephone numbers). It is desirable to call witnesses who can confirm the facts or action.

Remember that the winner of the European Football Supporter Award will receive a prize of 6,000 euros in cash and a trophy that will be presented on their favourite team’s pitch.


The award criteria
* Respect for others, irrespective of nationality, race, culture or religion.
* Respect for the moral and physical integrity of all players, which excludes all forms of violence, including verbal abuse.
* Compliance with the rules and acceptance of the referee’s decisions.
* The promotion of fair play and the life skills of athletes.
* Appreciation of the size of the festive and friendly sport, brotherhood between fans before, during and after the encounter, and communion in the same passion, which also involves the acceptance of defeat calmly.
* The training of younger generations within crowds by spreading the principles of sports ethics.
* Solidarity with minority groups, motivated by a shared passion for football.

The jury of the European Football Supporters Award consists of the following 7 people:
1- President of the Jury: Philippe Housiaux, EFSA’s initiator and spokesman.
2- The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA).
3- The City of Brussels.
4- The European Commission.
5- The ‘European Sports Magazine’ – the European association of sports magazines.
6- The Council of Europe.
7- The ‘Sport & Citizenship association’.


The previous winners of the European Football Supporters Award

2005: la Peña Multicolor (Spain), for its anti-racism action in a region prone to high levels of ethnic tension.
2006: the Amalgamation of Official Northern Ireland Supporters’ Clubs (Northern Ireland), for its commitment to tolerance in a country divided by religious hatred.
2007: the Genoa Club for Children (Italy), for its work educating young supporter.
2008: the National Association for Disabled Supporters (Great Britain), for its tireless activity in favour of the inclusion of disabled persons within football stadiums.
2009: les Média-Pitchounes de Toulouse (France), not only for their campaign for fair play among young supporters, but also for their action to combat, through sport, the social exclusion of boys and girls from deprived neighbourhoods who are at risk of being marginalized.
2010: the Never Again Association (Poland), which has conducted numerous mainly educational actions against racism. It has also become a leading authority on the subject and is consulted both by the media and by national and international institutions (such as the Council of Europe and the United Nations).

We should also recall that a special European Football Supporters Award was also given to Germany’s supporters for their impeccable behaviour at the last World Cup (2006).


“The award recognises all that is best in fan behaviour” (Jim Rainey, The Amalgamation of Official Northern Ireland Supporters’ Clubs, winner in 2006)

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