Disabled People against Cuts (DPAC) protest against cuts 26th March at TUC march


Disabled people are facing continuing attacks against their lives, living standards and basic human rights to live independently from almost every conceivable quarter and it is time for us to fight back against these cuts. These savage spending cuts damage not only our lives, but our public services, and threaten economic recovery. They’re dangerous, unfair and unnecessary. Disabled people are going to march to tell the government we demand ‘Rights not Charity’ and to show we are not easy victims of their cuts even though they may think we are.



Notices from the TUC re 26th March Protest

Static Demonstration

We are now trying to organise a static demonstration assembly point at close to the Hyde Park Corner entrance to Hyde Park, for people who are unable to take part in the march. This will be separately stewarded. There are accessible toilets nearby in Hyde Park. All nearby roads will be closed from 11 am, and we will need to work with the park authorities and the police to arrange vehicle access. This is limited so we need to gauge in advance the likely demand, so that we best meet it. We will need to issue permits. If you want to participate 
please complete this form before 18th March (though doing it earlier if you can).




Victoria Embankment assembly point vehicle information form. There will be a special assembly point in Savoy St at the start of the March for people in wheelchairs and with disabilities who wish to join the demonstration in a group. The size of the event means that there will be major road closures throughout central London all day on March 26th starting quite early. Roads at 
the assembly point will be closed from around 9am. However it will be possible to drop off on Savoy Hill (off Savoy Street WC2) until 11.30am shortly before the march will move off. We need to gather requests for such access in advance so that we can discuss arrangements. Please complete the Victoria Embankment assembly point information form before 18th March (though doing it earlier if 
you can).



Virtual protest for those that cannot get to London: DPAC is working with Clickactivism to develop a innovative way that your voices can be heard and represented on the day if you are in the UK see:



For those outside the UK- DPACs virtual protest page will be open for statements of support and we are arranging to have messages flashed on to the screen at the Hyde Park rally:


For info see http://www.dpac.uk.net/
And DPAC Facebook or Twitter 


Debbie Jolly co-founder of DPAC