Cracovia FC anthem to be performed in sign language


CAFE Week of Action - Poland

The official anthem of Cracovia FC will be performed in sign language ahead of their home match with Górnik Zabrze on the 4th April 2014.


The anthem will be delivered in sign language for deaf and hard of hearing fans attending the match. CAFE Project Manager in Poland, Zuzanna Ziajko, will be in attendance.


The performance ties in with the launch of the 2014 CAFE Weeks of Action in Poland and Ukraine. This campaign will run from 5th – 13th April and a large number of clubs and governing bodies have agreed to host activities to promote access and inclusion for disabled fans.


CAFE would like to congratulate Cracovia FC on this inclusive solution and we look forward to the full report.


Keep checking for further information about this performance and many more activities planned to mark the 2014 CAFE Weeks of Action campaign.