Disabled fans stories


We are always delighted to receive stories from disabled football fans across Europe.


Supporters often send us accounts of their experiences of attending football matches, and the unique power that football has of breaking down barriers. You can find a number of disabled fans stories available in the links below.


Dawid Zapisek - 'Quite simply, I just love football'

Eugen Svet - 'The difference was staggering, there was absolutely no comparison'

Larysa Sayevich - 'By the end of it, I saw a rainbow'

Lubomir Pokotylo - 'This is just the birth of audio descriptive commentary in Ukraine'

Marek Mizera - 'Watching my team is like the engine in a motorbike'

Mikhailo Bashynskiy - 'The new times have come and I am happy to witness is with my own eyes'

Oleksandr Sydelnykov - 'There is nothing better than football to bring people together'

Oleksandr and Valeriy Haiday - 'I will keep this unforgettable atmosphere for the rest of my life'

Sergey Rozhentsov - 'Nothing compares to being there live'

Yaroslav Hrybalskyy - 'UEFA EURO 2012 was the beginning, not the end'

Kostyantyn Halak - 'It’s such a huge difference between watching football on TV and going to the stadium. It’s all about the atmosphere'


If you have a story that you would like to share with us, please feel free to send it, in any language, to info@cafefootball.eu. It would be great if you could also send an accompanying picture for the website page.