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Club / Stadium Contact for Disabled Supporters


Becky Syrett

Telephone number

+44 (0) 20 8795 9684

Disabled Supporters Group

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Telephone number

Email address

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Access Information for Disabled Supporters

Getting there and Parking


For information on getting to Wembley and parking please visit:http://www.wembleystadium.com/TheStadium/StadiumGuide/DisabledAccess/GettingToWembley

or phone CS parking on +44 (0) 208 795 1758.

Getting a Ticket


For information about buying a ticket please contact Wembley Stadium.

Spectator Viewing areas


Wheelchair userThere are 310 accessible wheelchair user spaces and associated carer/ PA seats available across all levels of the Stadium. All information desks and kiosks, bars and points of sale have induction loop facilities.



Blind and partially sightedThere are seats for blind and partially sighted fans around the stadium in general allocation. Sightlines are good and there are no obstructed views.



Deaf hard of hearingThere are spaces for deaf and hard of hearing fans in general allocation. Sightlines are good and there are induction loops in place.



Ambulant disabledThere are 100 spaces for ambulant disabled fans across all levels. Sightlines are good and there are no obstructed views.



There are 147 accessible toilets within the Stadium. Access to these toilets will be controlled by use of a RADAR key (if you require a key please go to the information desk or ask a steward).


Wembley Stadium has also installed a Changing Places toilet.


Low-level serving counters are available at all food and drink kiosks inside the stadium and are clearly signposted.



There are two assistance dog relieving stations (next to turnstiles B & M) located on the east and west external public concourse. The outer concourse area and ramps are smooth surfaces (tarmac and block work) for ease of access.


An auditory enhancement system providing coverage of the seating bowl and public concourse areas has been installed. The system will provide event audio-descriptive commentary, information and emergency announcements. Wembley Stadium provides a specific commentator for blind and partially sighted visitors. Headsets are available to book by emailing accessforall@wembleystadium.com


There are 100 enhanced amenity seats for ambulant disabled visitors and those accompanied by assistance dogs.


A matchday wheelchair loan service is in operation for amublant disabled fans, available from the stadium perimeter to seat.


Wembley Stadium also has its own dedicated Access (Disability) Liaison Officer.

Useful Publications and Policies


For further guidance, please refer to 'Access for All' - the UEFA and CAFE Good Practice Guide to Creating an Accessible Stadium and Matchday Experience, available in 13 different languages here.


For the detailed CAFE stadia report please click here.

Wheelchair user at Wembley

Wheelchair user at Wembley

More Stadium Photos

Disabled fans at Wembley

Disabled fans at Wembley

Wheelchair user spaces

Wheelchair user spaces



Accessible refreshment kiosks

Accessible refreshment kiosks

Elevated level to wheelchair user area

Elevated level to wheelchair user area

Dog relieving area

Dog relieving area

Sightlines from wheelchair user area

Sightlines from wheelchair user area

Accessible toilet

Accessible toilet

Accessible refreshment kiosks

Accessible refreshment kiosks



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Scott Wood

Match: England v Scotland

Published: 18/4/2017


We stayed in a hotel, which was on Wembley Way so we had no difficulties in getting to and from the stadium either before or after the game.


It was very easy to find the wheelchair entrances as there were signs and stewards on hand to direct fans.


Getting to the concourse was very easy, there was space for the wheelchair to get around and we had no problems in purchasing food and drinks.



The view from our seat was great, I was able to see the pitch really well and my carer sat next to me.



I had great night – apart from the scoreline! Wembley was fantastic and would definitely go again

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Keith Ferguson

Match: England v Scotland

Published: 18/4/2017


I travelled to the stadium via tube, Wembley Way was very crowded with many people walking up both slopes that lead to the stadium causing overcrowding.



Finding the entrance was relatively easy as there were signs directing me to where I needed to be.


I was able to access the concourse areas, but found them to be too crowded and the floors were slippery. I had no difficulties in purchasing food from within the stadium, apart from the price!


I found my seat easily and my companion was sat next to me but unfortunately due to persistent standing from fans in front we did not have a great view of the game.



The accessible toilets were close by to where I was sat and easily identified by signs and kept very clean.

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Elena Popova

Match: Tottenham Hotspur v CSKA Moscow

Published: 21/12/2016


We did not encounter any difficulties in getting to the stadium. We took the bus to the tube station, all the buses are accessible. Not all the tube stations are accessible but we found out before leaving an accessible station that was near to our hotel and travelled from there to Wembley station which is also wheelchair accessible. When leaving Wembley station you can see the stadium and it is very easy to get to from the station.


All the gates at the stadium are accessible and all areas of the stadium have accessible seats, which we did not expect as usually it is only one or two areas of stadiums that are accessible, so we did not know where we were going once we left the lift. But once we realised we just needed to find the entrance gate that was printed on our ticket, it was very easy to find where we needed to be. The only problem we had was locating the lift as we did not see any signs for it, but we asked a steward who explained everything and inside the lift there was another steward who took us up to the level we needed to be on.


The view from our seats was really good and my companion was able to seat next to me.


I did not purchase any food or drink in the stadium but I did notice that areas had low-level counters. The toilets were very near to where I was sat. The toilets doors are locked  but the steward nearby came and opened the door for me as soon as he saw me approaching. The toilets are good with lots of space and very clean.


Wembley stadium is a very comfortable stadium to visit and I hope I will have the opportunity to visit here again”


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Jo McNicol

Match: Tottenham v Bayer Leverkusen

Published: 25/11/2016


The viewing area at Wembley is on Row 28, which is on the back row of the lower tier. The view from here is brilliant with no obstructions at all, even when fans in the seats below stand up during the game, the view of the pitch remains clear. All companions are sat next to the wheelchair user.


Finding my seat was easy, stewards were there to stop other supporters to allow me to pass by them to get to my seat quickly.

As I had been to Tottenham’s previous Champions League game at Wembley, I knew which entrance I needed to go to and had no difficulties in finding it again. Tottenham’s own team of stewards were also around the stadium directing all supporters to their entrances.


Access to the entrances can be reached via a lift to save you having to push up the steep slope on Wembley Way, this lift isn’t very well signposted and is quite hidden away. The slope on the other side of the stadium is not as steep but there are lifts here as well.


The concourse areas in the stadium are really wide and it’s very easy to negotiate around them, all the catering concessions had a low-level counter at one end.


The accessible toilets were clean and spacious, they are locked by RADAR keys and there are stewards located nearby to open the door for any supporter who doesn’t have their own RADAR key.



Coming out of the stadium, it gets really crowded on Wembley Way, so I find it’s best to leave the stadium via the lifts and use the other roads around the stadium to get back the station.



I arrived into London via train. From Euston station, we walked to King’s Cross station which is around a 10 minute walk, if the weather is bad, we have taken a bus here. From King’s Cross, we took the Metropolitan line on the Underground to Wembley Park. Both of these stations are fully wheelchair accessible and I didn’t have any problems using the lifts or accessing the trains. 

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