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Matthew Law

Match: Valencia vs Chelsea - 28/9/2011

Published: 17/10/2014


45 minutes before kick off we arrived back at Gate S11. We showed the tickets and were greeted by a large frown on the stewards’ face. He called his boss on his mobile and after a few minutes he came down to explain to us in broken English that the ticket was for a seat in the stand and not a wheelchair ‘There is only one wheelchair from Chelsea’ he went on. ‘Yes’ I replied ‘That’s me’. The penny then seemed to drop and he asked us to follow him.


He led us to the wheelchair platform which was on two levels (although only about 6 inches different in height). The platform was situated behind one goal and towards the corner. It was raised about one meter from pitch level and had room for three rows of about 8 wheelchairs. If you got into the front row the view was perfect. I did try but the platform soon filled up and everyone seemed to have their allocated space so I was sort of forced to retreat to the back row. My view was somewhat restricted by the other wheelchair users but I’ve experienced far worse views at football matches as a wheelchair user.

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