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Katrina Hammond

Match: Malta v England

Published: 6/9/2017


We arrived at the stadium via a pre-arranged coach transfer, we had no difficulties in getting to the stadium.

We couldn't see any signs directing us to the entrance, we asked a steward who told us where we had to go. I was unable to get to the concourse area, as there was only steps leading up to it.

Again, there was no signs directing me to the toilet, so I asked a steward who told me where to go. Once inside the toilet, the light inside didn't work so I had to use the torch on my mobile phone to be able to see.

I couldn't see a lot of the game from my space due to a plastic screen being in front of us and also the tv camera crew kept on standing up in front of us at regular periods throughout the game. 

The designated seat for my companion was in a completely different row to where I was, my companion ended up sat on a stone step to be nearer to me.

The gates to the section where I was situated were double padlocked whilst the game was on, the steward who was beside the gate and who had the key kept going off to other areas during the game which meant that if someone need to go to the toilet they were unable to access it until he returned to unlock the gate. The other concern about this procedure was if there was an incident where we needed to evacuate from the stadium quickly, we would have be unable to do so until the steward returned with the key.

Having visited many grounds on my travels with England, the Ta' Qali is by no means the worst ground that I have been too, the stewards were friendly and helpful, but the lack of a good view spoilt things somewhat. The ground was old which made it very difficult to manoeuvre my wheelchair at times. I think you would need to have a companion with you when attending games at this stadium

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