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Lukasz Borowicz

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(061)886 30 00

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Access Information for Disabled Supporters

Getting there and Parking


Poznań-Ławica Airport has links to many large European cities. Please see http://www.airport-poznan.com.pl/en/ for more information.


Poznań Główny railway station is one of the biggest in Poland, with 16 platforms.


Please contact the club directly for further information on accessible parking.

Getting a Ticket


Please contact the club directly for further information on how to buy a ticket.

Spectator Viewing areas


Wheelchair userThere are 142 spaces for home-supporting wheelchair users, situated in Tribunes 1 and 4. Sightlines are good, seats are sheltered, and there are no obstructed views. The club provides a complimentary ticket for Personal Assistants, and they can be seated adjacent to the wheelchair user. Ramps in and around the stadium are of a low gradient.

The club provides an additional 42 spaces for away-supporting wheelchair users, situated in Tribune 2.



Please contact the club directly for further information on refreshment facilities.


There are few accessible toilets in the stadium and they are not stewarded. There is level access to the toilets with no obstructions, and they are equipped with grab rails. The accessible toilets do not provide enough room for a wheelchair user and a Personal Assistant at the same time.



Please contact the club directly for further information.

Useful Publications and Policies


For further guidance, please refer to 'Access for All' - the UEFA and CAFE Good Practice Guide to Creating an Accessible Stadium and Matchday Experience, available in 13 different languages here.

Sightlines from tribune 2

Sightlines from tribune 2

More Stadium Photos

Accessible seating area

Accessible seating area

Rail should not interfere with sightlines of the pitch

Accessible seating area

Ramp sticks out and is a trip hazard. High contrasting colours should be used to increase visibility

Accessible seating area
Sightlines from accessible seating area

Sightlines from accessible seating area



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Match: Prawie wszystkie jeśli zdrowie dopisuje

Published: 21/1/2015


I think the vast majority of disabled people are satisfied with the conditions, which are organized when it comes to parking and the entrance to the stadium.

As a disabled person I want to also add that the stadium is safe and if there is a disabled fan who was not at the game

do not be afraid just getting ready to cheer GREAT throat KOLEJORZOWI.

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Stefan Urban

Match: Lech - Wisła Kraków

Published: 28/10/2014


Once again, thank you for the smooth organization of club tickets for the match with the Vistula. At the stadium, we were also very satisfactory services. From our seats could not see the game, but came steward and suggested other (very good) place. Estimations SETTLEMENT FOR ALL. So it should be. Thank you.

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Jakub Januszewicz

Match: Lech Poznań - Wisła Kraków

Published: 21/10/2014



1) Lech Poznan stadium accessible for the disabled. Inputs are well marked, and the stands, you can enter special skontruowanymi ramps.

2) the "Lech without barriers" is a great initiative. Any person with a disability with significant disability orzeczonym can get free tickets for all matches Kolejorz, including those in the Polish Cup or LE. It should be added that the program also includes carers (eg. My dad, mom, friend, colleague). Both people (disabled + guardian) must have a fan cards to be able to use the program.

3) The visibility is decent. Dedicated space with disabilities are on the first and third rostrum in the first rows. Season 2014 - 15 alone decide which specific places we hare (of course, in the context of those offered for people with disabilities).

4) "Lech without barriers" create worthy conditions for fuller participation of disabled people in society. Do you like football, Lech ogladasz matches on TV? You definitely need to go out and cheer Kolejorz live. This program is for you !!



1) used to be that children and adolescents efficient during the match obscures view of people sitting in wheelchairs, standing next to the railings odgradzających tribune of the turf. This phenomenon is quite annoying. Sometimes steward refers screening people at their place, and sometimes not.

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Hieronim Pasiak

Match: Lech- Namme Kalju

Published: 21/10/2014


As a person in a wheelchair did not have any difficulties. Arriving by car at the stadium, the proximity to the gate, at the gateway friendly service with information dookładną which way to the reserved space, although it has just about everything I know. The stadium is ok, sometimes kids run up to the railing and dorości particularly like hot wobbling infield and obscuring the view but it is a reaction stuardów, especially Mr. Stuarda in a wheelchair and for a moment there is no problem. He wants to go to matches, although in very bad weather, wind, precipitation, due to the sensitive health I have to give up and watch TV. Action "Lech without barriers" is perfect and great solution for people with disabilities, no need to search the web sites are available as in the case to go on holiday, sometimes a few weeks looking for a place to stay without barriers. I thank the initiators of this action, I can fulfill your dreams to be a fan of his beloved club, especially since my grandson kilkunastyletni 10 years playing club matches, starting with the lesser of Lechu.Cała family is crazy Kilic Lech and Barcelona. This action is a ray of sun in the difficult life of a disabled person. All supported greet fans with and without disabilities. Jerome

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Match: Lech Poznań - GKS Bełchatów

Published: 21/10/2014


Wheelchair friendly stadium. I am often at matches at this stadium and I have to admit that it is well suited. It has long been the club has a free ticket for a disabled person with an attendant, ie from this season. Season 2014/2015 acquisition of these tickets is easier than ever: the disabled, upon request, get an account and the mighty can book yourself tickets. Everything is done over the internet. At the stadium there are special places for such people, there are ramps and other inputs. Appreciate everything very well. We are pleased to be attending matches at this stadium. The only downside is that when someone takes place in the children's protection is not able to maintain order among children, who often do not sit in their seats only when they become barriers and simply obscure person in the wheelchair. Last is a little better with this order.

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