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Hamilton is a 20-minute train journey from Glasgow, where Glasgow International and Glasgow Prestwick Airports connect to a large number of European destinations.


Hamilton has three railway stations, Hamilton Central, Hamilton West and Chatelherault. There are also buses that link to nearby towns, Glasgow and to some areas of England.


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Accessible seating area behind the goal

Accessible seating area behind the goal

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Sightlines from accessible seating area

Sightlines from accessible seating area



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Les Fernie, St Mirren Fan

Match: Hamilton V St Mirren

Published: 3/6/2013


Along with my son Kenneth, I attended the Hamilton V St Mirren Match on Saturday 27.11.10 along with other members of our new DSA set up with help from the Centre for Access to Football in Europe(CAFE) an organisation established to secure equal access for disabled supporters across Europe.

When we have been attending away games at New Douglas Park, we are always positioned behind the goals. This is a very dangerous position to be situated in as we are limited in movement to get out of the way of any stray footballs.Our carers try to protect us from being hit by the ball but we are always in the firing line of all balls that go behind the goals.

I approached the Official Match Day Steward (David) and requested if it would be possible to use the touch line side of stadium facing the main stand. I know it is a Sterilisation Area, but when I explained our situation he was very helpful. The Stewards cleared the snow from the side of the ground and made an area safe for us all.

Well done to all for your help on this matter this is the way forward for Hamilton Football Cub. I hope you don’t mind I have attached a photo from your website with us at the pitch side.We hope that all other clubs in the S.P.L. will look at how they can help with viewing at their stadiums....


27/12/2010 22:33:59

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William Paterson, Rangers Fan

Match: Hamilton Academical FC Vs Rangers

Published: 3/6/2013


The away stand at Hamilton should be used as a case study in how not to design a stand for the use of wheelchair users.First of all the wheelchair spaces are the only "seats" in the ground that are uncovered.The spaces are located in the centre of the stand at ground level and are positioned between both the toilets and the food kiosks which results in queues of people forming blocking the view wheelchair users have.A visit to the wheelchair toilet involves having to negotiate a path through the queues for the toilets and the food kiosks the length of the stand till you reach the wheelchair toilet which is located in another stand!

It simply doesn't have to be like that at all for games against Rangers. Hamilton have one of the best wheelchair viewing positions I have come across in Scotland perhaps however they would rather, for reasons they only know, they lie vacant and unused. A representative from the club proudly boasted to me once " that they had been commended by various bodies about the wheelchair facilities in their main stand" I too agreed with him that the facilities were very good however pointed out to him they weren't being used. His reply was "he didn't see how it made a difference if they were used or not as long as they were there that was all that was required.

At a previous fixture both myself and Andy Kerr of the Rangers Supporters Assembly tried to intervene with representatives from the club after wheelchair users were subjected to the full force of a rain storm in our unsheltered wheelchair spaces. Despite the pleas of both the police match commander and the head steward requesting we be repositioned to the vacant wheelchair spaces in the main stand the club's response was " that they couldn't be held responsible for the weather and we should hope that the weather is better for our next visit. "

At a later fixture I am pleased to say that Hamilton allowed 6 wheelchair users access in front of the section Rangers fans are given in the main stand.Elsewhere in the stand I would guess there were probably at least 18 wheelchair spaces not allowed to be used. I was fortunate enough to gain access there, however when I went to the accessible toilet at half time the toilet door was locked , it wasn''t occupied but had been locked from the outside !

Perhaps it would be a good idea if Hamilton Academical F.C. were to meet up with the newly formed S.D.S.A in an effort to improve the situation?


10/12/2010 20:01:57

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