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Dnipropetrovsk International Airport connects to several European cities, and has a link to Kiev's Boryspil Airport.


The city has good rail links to the capital of Kiev, Ukraine's other major cities, and European destinations such as Belarus, Russia, Azerbaijan and Bulgaria. There are also trams, buses and trolleybuses available, with a metro system to open in the future.


At the stadium, accessible parking is available for wheelchair users only.

Getting a Ticket


For information on how to buy a ticket, please contact the club directly.

Spectator Viewing areas


Wheelchair userThere are 69 spaces for wheelchair users in the stadium, and Personal Assistants can sit behind them. They are located at pitch level in the Northern stand, where all disabled supporters sit together. Spaces are sheltered but Police, stewards and TV crews can often cause obstructions.



There are accessible refreshment facilities in the stadium, with low level counters. Kiosks are within 10m of the disabled supporters seating areas.


There are 8 accessible toilets in the stadium, located close to the disabled supporters seating areas. Toilets are clearly signposted and monitored by stewards. The toilets have white floors and steel furniture, including grab rails and low sinks, to make them easily distinguishable.




For more information on the services available for disabled supporters, please contact the club directly.

Useful Publications and Policies


For further guidance, please refer to 'Access for All' - the UEFA and CAFE Good Practice Guide to Creating an Accessible Stadium and Matchday Experience, available in 13 different languages here.

Dnipro Arena

Dnipro Arena

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Pole obstructing accessible seating area

Pole obstructing accessible seating area

Pole is a trip hazard, and should be painted in high visibility colours.



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Match: Каждый домашний

Published: 4/12/2014


The stadium is located in the city center, so to get to by public transport is easy. However, this does not affect all nosology. People wheelchairs will not be able to take the bus, because. on these routes special low-floor vehicles does not go. Alternatively, in his car or taxi. But keep in mind that parking near the stadium there, so all the fans leave the car where to get. In addition, in the days of matches top-level entrance to the stadium is covered by police. So make sure in advance that the vydalii you permission, otherwise you will not be able to drive to the stadium closer than a couple of blocks. However, recently the club has kindly made sure that the members of the Para-Club, a wheelchair and get to the stadium on his car, got a special pass to the inside of the stadium parking. However, this omission can only be issued prior to the beginning of the football season, you can not send or enter it on another machine. In general, if you decide to constantly attend matches of the Dnieper and get maximum enjoyment from them - you will easily become a permanent member of the Para-club with all the attendant existing committers. It was the most difficult and sometimes unpleasant part. Once you get to the stadium - everything is done for your convenience. Get to the sector for persons with disabilities is very convenient, there are specially-equipped bathrooms, police officers and stewards who will help in what you need. Recently, the sector of persons with disabilities is separated by a fence from the conventional sector, so you do not have to worry that someone interferes View match. The only thing that remains a challenge - a crowd of photographers who often cover an overview of certain areas of the field. Problems would not exist if they were sitting at their designated club shops, but our people prefer to stand, are not always aware that they close this review by another. Club sometimes conducts outreach among them, so there is hope that the problem will be solved. Just close to the sector for persons with disabilities is a shopping kiosk, but in between there is such a huge place, it is better to take something with you. At the sector cozy, recently there were special shops for accompanying persons. The roof of the stadium closes exactly our place, so that in case of bad weather can only get wet if the wind will blow. After the match, for safety reasons, persons with disabilities released after 5 minutes after the final whistle, when the majority of people have resolved. This recent and necessary measure dictated by the fact that the exit point from three sides intersect with full stadium can be pretty dense crowd. In general, the stadium is very good, the management is always going to a meeting, make gifts and generally applies supremely well.

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