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Getting there and Parking


Odessa International Airport has a number of air links to other European countries.


Odessa has strong rail links across Ukraine, and also runs services to European countries including Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany and Russia. The city also has trams, buses, trolleybuses and cable car services.


At the stadium, there is accessible parking available for all disabled supporters. The parking is 50m away from the stadium entrance, and permits are received along with match tickets with proof of disability. The car park is well-lit, clearly signposted and monitored by stewards.

Getting a Ticket


For information on how to buy a ticket, please contact the club directly.

Spectator Viewing areas


Wheelchair userThere are 32 spaces for wheelchair users in the stadium, located in the lower levels of stands 2 and 4. Not all spaces are sheltered, and wheelchair users sit pitchside. Personal Assistants can sit behind the wheelchair user.


Blind and partially sightedBlind and partially sighted supporters sit in stand 3. Seats are sheltered with good sightlines. Guide dogs are not allowed, and publications such as the matchday programme are printed in medium and large print. Personal Assistants can sit alongside.


Deaf hard of hearingDeaf and hard or hearing supporters also sit in stand 3. Urgent messages can be relayed on the big screens, and some stewards have been trained in sign language. Personal Assistants can sit alongside.


Ambulant disabledAmbulant disabled supporters can sit in the whole of stand 3 - up to 400 easy-access seats. These tickets should be requested when booking tickets. Sightlines are good and seats are covered. Personal Assistants can sit alongside.



Refreshment kiosks are not wheelchair user friendly, but stewards and staff will take food and drink orders. The facilities are close to the seating for disabled supporters, and no accessible formats are provided.


There are two accessible toilets in the stadium, located near stand 3. Toilets are clearly signposted and monitored by stewards on matchdays. Access is level, and the toilets have accessible furniture such as grab rails and low sinks.



For more information on the services available for disabled supporters, please contact the club directly.

Useful Publications and Policies


For further guidance, please refer to 'Access for All' - the UEFA and CAFE Good Practice Guide to Creating an Accessible Stadium and Matchday Experience, available in 13 different languages here.


For the detailed CAFE staida report in English please click here.


For the detailed CAFE stadia report in Russian please click here.

Accessible toilet

Accessible toilet

Accessible toilets should provide enough space for a wheelchair user. They should be available for both left and right-handed transfer from wheelchair to toilet. The toilet and furniture should be in contrasting colours to increase visibility.

More Stadium Photos

Accessible parking

Accessible parking

Accessible parking areas should provide enough room behind and to the sides of the vehicle for a wheelchair user

Accessible seating area

Accessible seating area

Accessible entrance

Accessible entrance

Colour contrast paint should be used to increase visibility of stands.



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Please tell us about your match day experience - what was good, not good or could be improved.


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Kirillov Maksim

Match: N/A

Published: 3/6/2013


Seen the Chernomorets stadium for the first time, on November 19, 2011, it was new, just constructed and I was captured by inexpressible feeling of delight and pride of my favourite city. At last, in our pearl there is a football stadium of the European class. I remember myself as a teenager when I attended a match for the first time on the Chernomorets stadium, it was in the late eighties, something similar I felt also this time. I felt myself as a child who with children's pleasure looked at this grandiose structure, on the live sea of fans moving to the stadium, goosebumps ran on my skin from this show. All fans waited for so many years for this event.
It was interesting to me to visit the new stadium not only because I support FC Chernomorets but also because to me it was curious what the new venue would offer for disabled fans, what kind of accessible services and conveniences would be provided, because I have been a wheelchair user for several years. The club provided us not only with free tickets in special stands, but also with special parking places. As I approached our stand, I noticed accessible bathrooms which are necessary on such objects for disabled people. On the previous stadium there were places special for disabled fans, but there were on the top of a stand, and when something interesting took place on the field, it was impossible to see something as the whole stand jumped to the feet, and we, wheelchair users, could not do it. Now, on the new stadium nobody prevents us from enjoying the game of our favorite team. Sitting next to the pitch, you become a part of the events on a football field that is especially important for people being in such situation as mine.
At the new stadium (and now by the way I am trying not to miss home matches of FC Chernomorets) it is pleasant to observe how many supporters there are on the stands, and I want to notice, that stands for disabled fans are also always filled with fans. The stadium has become for us not only a place where it is possible to support the club, but also a place where we periodically meet and discuss matters not connected with football. Though always a subject number one remains FC Chernomorets and its game which pleases in this season not only me, I think.
However, there is in my opinion one defect at construction, I hope that over time it will be eliminated. It concerns access for disabled people to higher stands rooms where you can have a bite and buy some soft drinks. It would be perfect if over time there will be an elevator there, with the help of which we can visit higher stands.
I do not want to finish my narration on a negative note as I consider that construction of such sports object in our favourite city is a big achievement in sports, public and cultural areas of life in Odessa.


11/03/2013 10:29:28

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Yevgenij Petrash

Match: N/A

Published: 3/6/2013


Chernomorets stadium is accessible for disabled football supporters. Service is comparable with house hospitality. As a whole the picture is very positive, except for some defects. As one of them I consider the lack of possibility for non-disabled people to buy tickets to the special stand, stand for disabled supporters. According to the rules of the stadium free tickets can be given only for two accompanying persons. But if there is a desire to visit a match with the bigger company of the friends, such opportunity isn't provided. And on some matches advertizing boards are established just before special sector. Advertisers don't consider that they significantly worsen visibility for people sitting on wheelchairs as all other seats on the stadium are one circle above. And also standing stewards worsen the visibility, but they could easily sit on chairs. It would be great when the stadium managers of Chernomorets could adopt practices of Donbass Arena – that disabled people can use their season tickets not only to attend football matches, but also on mass actions which will be carried out at stadium. I can give you an example of my bitter experience - a concert of Linkin Park that took place on June 12, 2012 without presence of disabled people. The reason was that the scene was arranged with a back to special stands. And it is impossible for wheelchair users to get to other stands.


11/03/2013 10:27:51

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Iryna Nezhentseva

Match: N/A

Published: 3/6/2013


I have known Chernomorets stadium for a long time. Since th? time when I went to school and was engaged in athletics. Today it is an absolutely different stadium. We should say thank you to those, who changed it taking into consideration disabled fans. That we as well as other fans can easily visit it as there are for us, disabled supporters, accessible services and conveniences. Our stands are placed very conveniently, we can see and hear everything very good. But there are some wishes. The entrance for wheelchair users is of good quality, but people with amputations, on an artificial limb, have it hard to go down. It would be very desirable when along the wall there would be a handrail with the help of which it would be possible to go down easily. And certainly when the weather is bad, there is no place to hide. But in spite of all this many thanks to stadium managers and staff that at last they began to care of us, disabled people. But Rome wasn't built in a day and therefore we have still all ahead. Thank God that we are heard!


11/03/2013 10:24:09

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