Czechs with disability to protest against social reform


Prague, March 7 (CTK) - Czechs with disabilities will protest against the government-proposed social reform outside the Labour and Social Affairs Ministry on March 22 and demand that it be withdrawn, Vaclav Krasa, Czech National Disability Council (NRZP) head, said yesterday.


One of the measures of the social reform counts with a different assessment of the handicapped people's condition when deciding on the level of care subsidy.

Some people could be stripped of the money this way, the NRZP says.

The draft reform abolishes reserved park places for people with disability, support in public transport, a subsidy to the purchase of a car and contributions to the purchase of health aids.

The Labour and Social Affairs Ministry wants to change the current assessment of the degree of a person's dependence on aid on the basis of 36 points.

They include the preparation and serving of food, the washing of the body, the ability to walk, looking after personal matters, the handling of money and the ability to communicate.

The 36 points are to be reduced to ten everyday life abilities, like mobility, orientation, communication, personal care and care of the household.

Krasa says, however, the proposal is not sufficiently elaborated.


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